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   Assurance provides superior quality, budget oriented, and cost effective Faciliites Services
   that exceed standards for consistency and reliability.  We establish minimum levels of
   performance and benchmarking to insure that consistent levels of service are maintained.

   Assurance provides a “single point” of contact for clients to manage their equipment and
   facility needs with reductions in cost, improvement in the risk profile, standardization of
   processes, and the overall improvement in the services provided for our customers, by
   utilizing thirty-five years experience in this industry in concert with customer expectations.

   By providing Regional and National economies of scale, our pricing has very competitive rates,
   particularly in comparision to nationwide contracts for floor care or janitorial services. For your
   convenience, we also provide a wide range of computerized reports and customized billing and
   reporting methods that can be tailored to your exact requirements and specifications.

   You can rest assured that our customer service team wants you to be the hero for your stores!

   Assurance provides a personalized approach that is genuinely a "Customer is First" attitude.  
   We guarantee complete satisfaction.